Feb ’18 Featured Car: Ken Ticknor’s 2007 Dodge Super Bee

This is the first 2007 Dodge Charger srt8 Super Bee sold and only 1000 of these numbered cars were produced. The day I purchased the car I started customizing to debut at SEMA 2006 in the Unique Wheels booth. Currently my car is the most awarded late model Chrysler/Dodge in the country. The Super Bee is equipped with a fully forged 7.0 426 motor with direct port nitrous , ported polished heads, and candy cut manifold. The drive train has been upgraded with 1000 HP halfshafts , Paramount nag 1 transmission 3200 stall converter, and a carbon fiber drive shaft. KW supplied me with variant 2 coil overs and sway bars, front and back. Energy Suspension help me out with all my bushings. My wheels are 3 piece forged with candy gold spokes. In 2015 I went to SEMA representing Team Hybrid in the Amsoil booth. My wheel sponsor unfortunately passed away with the copy right in limbo so my wheels were never produced. The SoCal car scene is super competitive sometimes and I get thrown in a domestic category, which is very hard to win. I had to improve my one of kind interior, which consist of 30 pantened Crocodile hides that all have been shaved, smooth, and dyed honeycomb and glossed. I completely removed all gray interior parts with all Crocodile then added dry carbon fiber in the doors and seats. Additionally, black nova suede and yellow billet was added to make this interior unbeatable and includes a full custom stereo system. In 2017 I was invited to go to SEMA again so I decided to change up once again. I had 6 months till SEMA so with over 1500 hours of work, I made one-off custom carbon molds to lay carbon on my car. The list includes a carbon fiber hood, trunk, spoiler, bumper, fenders, roof, mirrors, a,b,c pillars and side skirts. All of these pieces have pegan gold candy added to the 4 coats of clear and bright yellow mesh added throughout the car. This year I have taken out all of my competition. It goes to show that with dedication, hard work and a having the best team (HYBRID) backing me up I have built one Killer Bee!!!

Apr ’13 Featured Car: James Lin’s SEMA Built 2011 Scion tC

headerImage TC



Project Build

As the Founder/President of Team Hybrid since 1995, James Lin, who led, innovated and built his way to be the first to the accolade of 1st place champion of Scion’s SEMA Team Tuner Challenge xA in 2006 and also, to be the first person to win 1st place champion back to back at Scion’s SEMA Team Tuner Challenge xD in 2007. Naturally, being King of the Scion Tuners is the only option going into the invitation-only 2010 build off of Scion’s SEMA Tuner Challenge tC competition. This year, James is building the all new re-designed 2011 Scion tC. Since there aren’t any commecially available parts, he needed to innovate, project direct and outsource the development of parts as one-off pieces while relying on loyal sponsors.

The foundation of the design process was his philosophy of building clean, innovative cars that can win at the race-street-show. James attributes this multidisciplinary approach as the primary reason Team hybrid has become legendary in the tuning industry and main reason why Scion selected and asked him to compete for the third time. The customized one-off look must withstand the test of time as well as keeping up with today’s import tuner standards and trends.

But most importantly, the car needs to appeal to how Scion markets its cars to their customers, which is the mass market and not just one genre of the industry. Lastly, his 2011 widebody / carbon fiber tC needs to be an overall winner that can compete at all levels and types of competition whether at an event purely for show, performance-based and/or both. A 2011 Scion tC that is the best of both worlds and can be best of class year-after-year is what James believes makes a national champion caliber Scion SEMA Tuner Challenge-worthy vehicle.



  • Mishimoto radiator
  • Mishimoto fan shroud with fans
  • Mishimoto red vacuum / cooler lines
  • Mishimoto race thermostat
  • Custom Turbo kit by Frankie Klepadlo of Team Hybrid
  • God Speed gt2876r T28 turbo charger
  • God Speed Type M front mount intercooler
  • God Speed / custom intercooler piping
  • God Speed anodized “Gold” blow off valve
  • Custom chrome manifold
  • Custom chrome down pipe
  • DC Sport air filter
  • Denso 550cc injectors
  • Nology Spark plugs (one step colder)
  • Walbro 250 lph fuel pump
  • KOM Automotive oil cooler kit
  • (2) NRG ground wire system
  • NRG oil catch
  • NRG voltage stabilizer
  • NRG carbon fiber engine damper
  • NRG carbon fiber hood damper
  • Nitrous Express intercooler spray system with purge (2) bottles
  • Polished engine valve cover
  • Polished TRD oil cap
  • Password: JDM gold aluminum washers and 10mm bolts
  • Dry Carbon wrapped fuse box cover
  • Stinger compact size battery (relocated)
  • Motul radiator fluid
  • Motul 300V CHRONO 10W-40 “Double Ester Technology” racing oil
  • Custom mix Transtar Gold engine bay by AA Autoworks


Wheel / Tire

  • DPE custom R16 wheels (gold finish w/ polished lip)
  • Front 20 x 8.5, -15 Offset with 3 1/2” lip
  • Rear 20 x 10, 0 Offset with 4 1/2” lip
  • Project Kics extended neo chrome lug nuts
  • BFGoodrich Tires g-Force T/A KDW:
    Front 225/30/20, Rear 245/30/20


  • Air Lift Air Suspension
  • Front struts Prototype double bellows air over struts with Air Lift proprietary upper mount and bracket design.
  • Rear bags Prototype 2B5 double bellows air spring with weld on upper brackets and billet aluminum lower mounting nut.
  • Control system: Air Lift “Autopilot” Full digital, four corner control system. Auto leveling function. 3/8” air lines.
  • 5 gallon tank.
  • Compressor: Viar 380c heavy duty compressor with integral check valve.
  • TRD Big Brake Kit
  • 4-piston caliper (ST-41 caliper designed specifically for the 2011 Scion tC)
  • 340x25mm, one-piece 16” AeroRotor
  • Street performance brake pads
  • DOT-compliant stainless steel brake lines… Motul RBF 600 DOT 4 racing brake fluid


  • One off K1 wide body kit by Team Hybrid
  • One off carbon fiber hood (AIT Racing)
  • One off carbon fiber trunk (AIT Racing)
  • Custom hand laid carbon fiber on door inserts, rear quarter panels and front fenders
  • Custom Sparco fuel cap non-locking brush
  • Custom door handles (keyless remote entry button pops doors open)
  • Shaved antenna
  • Shaved windshield wipers
  • Shaved door handles
  • Shaved side view mirrors (relocated to front fenders)
  • Show Off HIDs 6000k HID kit
  • AIT Racing carbon fiber front bumper splitter
  • AIT Racing carbon fiber rear bumper splitter
  • APR splitter rods
  • APR front bumper carbon fiber canards
  • APR GT carbon fiber side mirrors
  • APR GTC 300 carbon fiber rear wing
  • Custom mix Transtar gold paint


  • (2) Sparco Fighter Seats
  • (2) Sparco Harness 4PT Camlock
  • (2) Sparco Harness Pads
  • Sparco Steering Wheel 325 Suede
  • Sparco Fast R Shift Knob
  • Sparco Stripe STD Pedal Kit
  • Sparco Hand Brake “Drift”
  • Sparco Track Set Sliders
  • Custom seat brackets
  • NRG 3.0 quick release
  • NRG short hub
  • NRG wheel lock
  • Broadway rear view mirror
  • Art’s Custom full suede / carbon wrap with gold stitching interior
  • Custom mix Transtar Gold painted interior accents


  • Sony 7inch Double DIN XNV-770BT A/V receiver w/ navigation (Prototype Unit)
  • (4) Sony 12inch XS-LD126P5 subwoofers
  • (2) Sony 15inch XS-L156P5 subwoofers
  • (4) Sony XM-ZZR3301 Class D mono amplifiers
  • (2) Sony XM-ZR704 4 channel amplifiers
  • (2) Sony XS-GTX1621S components
  • (2) Sony XS-GTX1641 co-axial speakers
  • (4) Sony HVM-H65 6.5inch monitors
  • (2) Sony XA-R800C rear view cameras
  • Sony Bravia EX3 32” LCD TV
  • Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray player
  • Sony DASH personal internet viewer
  • Stinger RKX36B sound damping material
  • Stinger TRUE-SPEC tinned Oxygen-free copper line wires and cables
  • (3) Stinger compact size batteries (SPV20)
  • Stinger power supply
  • Custom alternator upgraded from stock 75 amps to 150 amps
  • LED ultra white lights
  • Megatronix poppers and keyless remote entry system
  • Customized and fabricated in fiberglass painted in custom mix Transtar Gold / carbon wrap multimedia audio and video system by Al & Ed’s Autosound, Northridge


  • Lin Family
  • Team Hybrid Family
  • Hybrid Hunnyz
  • China Square Restaurant
  • Mishimoto
  • BFGoodrich
  • SONY
  • Meguiar’s
  • Wraptivo
  • NOS Energy Drinks
  • Sparco
  • NRG
  • Transtar
  • APR
  • Motul
  • TRD
  • AIT
  • Stinger
  • God Speed
  • Nitrous Express
  • Air Lift
  • DC Sports
  • DPE Wheels
  • Scion


  • Performance Auto & Sounds “Cover” April/May 2011 Issue
  • Motion Sport Compact Auto Show & Expo “Cover” 2011 Show Guide
  • PAS Nation & PASMag.com Calendar Poster
  • Scion LA Auto Show Booth 2010
  • Scion National Ad 2011
  • SONY Mobile Audio International Ad 2011
  • SONY’s CES Booth 2011

Dec ’12 Featured Car: Dan Spielman ’s 2006 Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo

Dan Spielman – Team Hybrid SoCal Chapter


Motor Build:

  • Cosworth 8:8.1 Pistons 95.75mm
  • TotalSeal Piston Rings
  • Carrillo H-Beam Rods
  • ARP Main Studs
  • ARP L19 Head Studs
  • Cosworth 96mm Head Gasket
  • ACL Bearings
  • RevUp Oil Pump
  • Fluidampr Harmonic Damper
  • Block inspected and cleaned
  • Block redecked
  • Block Bored and Honed using a Torque Plate
  • Rotating assembly balanced
  • Crank magnafluxed and the journals micro-polished
  • Heads disassembled
  • Valves Cut
  • Valve Seats cut
  • New Valve Guide Seals


  • Aluminum Fan Shroud Kit – MMFS-350Z-03
  • Heat Protective Tape – MMGRT-235
  • GTM Twin Turbo Kit w/ Garett GT28RS Turbos
  • GTM 3″ Down Pipes
  • Cosworth Intake Manifold w/ CF Velocity Stacks
  • Haltech Engine Management System
  • Haltech Dual Wideband Controller
  • Haltech Boost Controller Solenoid
  • UpRev Osiris Reflash
  • Synapse Synchronic Blow-Off Valve
  • Tial 38mm Wastegates
  • Fast Intentions SS Intimidator Exhaust
  • Power Enterprise Large Capacity Oil Pan
  • Koyo 36mm Double Row Radiator
  • Nismo Thermostat
  • OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
  • OS Giken SuperLock 1.5way LSD
  • Nismo SS Braided Clutch Line
  • ARC Radiator Cap
  • ARC Oil Cap
  • ARC Titanium Radiator Cover
  • ARC Catch Can v1
  • EVO-R Burnt Titanium Timing Cover


  • Cosworth Fuel Rail Kit **
  • CJMotorsports RFS Stage 0 (modified to work with the Cosworth Kit) **
  • Aeromotive 340lph stealth fuel pump **
  • DW 850cc injectors **


  • Endless 6pot BBK w/ Raw Aluminite Finish & Old School Font Type
  • Zeal FunctionXS Coilovers custom valved for 12k/10k
  • 19″ Volk Racing TE37s in Orange
  • BFGoodrich g-Force KDW2 Tires (275×35 / 295×35)
  • ARC Titanium Strut Bar
  • Cusco Sway Bars
  • SPL Rear Camber Links
  • SPL Rear Toe Links
  • SPL Rear Traction Links
  • SPL Eccentric Lock Out Kit
  • SPL Front Sway Bar Endlinks
  • SPL Rear Sway Bar Endlinks
  • SPL Sold Differential Bushings


  • BMW Frozen Grey Paint Job
  • ings+1 N-Spec Body Kit
  • ings+1 CF Hight Mount GT Wing
  • CraftSquare TC-R Carbon Fiber Mirrors
  • Asuka Type 3 Double Sided CF Hood
  • Asuka Double Hump CF Roof


  • Custom 4 Point Roll Cage
  • Bride ZETA III Type-XL Bucket Seat
  • Schroth Profi III 5-Point Racing Harness
  • Team Orange Personal Steering Wheel
  • Team Orange Works Bell RAPFIX2
  • Works Bell Short Hub
  • DEFI Boost Gauge
  • DEFI Oil Pressure Gauge
  • DEFI Water Temp Gauge
  • DEFI Control Unit II
  • Injected Performance Dual Wideband Gauge
  • Nismo 380RS Pedal
  • Nismo GT Titanium Shift Knob
  • Nismo Floor Mats
  • EVO-R Carbon Fiber Dash Trim
  • Pioneer AVIC-D3 Head Unit

May 17+ years of Team Hybrid’s Tradition- Philosophy-Innovation-Management-Quality continue making import history…

some images courtesy of Night Import

Oct ’12 Featured Car: Archie Concon 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage aka 2dr. EVO

2000 Mitsubishi Mirage aka 2dr. EVO ( E85 powered AWD Converted Mirage, 34psi making 741 awhp and 603 awtrq )

Archie Concon – Team Hybrid Las Vegas Chapter’s Director

Mishimoto MMRAD-EVO-456
TrevTec Motorsport 2.1 Destroke Short Block 87mm Bore w/ O-ring
Manley Tuff Rods
Wiseco 10:1 Pistons
ACL Race Bearings
Balace Shaft Eliminating Kit
Cometic .041″ Head Gasket
Stage 5 Port and Polished Head
Manley SS Valves
HD Manley Valve Springs
Manley Titanium Retainers
Buschur BF 272 Race Cams
AEM Adjustable Cam Gears
OEM Mitsubishi T-belt
ETS 6262 Turbo Kit
Precision 6262 Billet Dual BB Turbo
HKS 60mm Wastegate
Tial 50mm BOV
TrevTec Motorsports Intercooler Pipe
TrevTec Motorsports Custom Down Pipe
TrevTec Motorsports Custom 3″ SS Mandrel Bent Exhaust
HKS Oil Cap
HKS Radiator Cap
TrevTec Motorsports Custom Mini Radiator
FIC 2150cc Injectors
Custom Trevtec Intake Manifold
Aeromotive Eliminator Racing Fuel Pump
DEI intercooler sprayer

JDM EVO 4 transmission with Stage 3 Shep Transmision Upgrade
JDM EVO 5 Tranfer Case with Stage 3 Sheppard Racing Upgrade
Quaife EVO 8 LSD
Driveshaftshop.com Custom 2-piece Driveshaft
JDM EVO 5 Front Axles
JDM EVO 5 Control Arms and Knuckles
Complete EVO 8 Rear Subframe and Suspension Linkage
Exedy HD Twin Disc Clutch Kit

EMS and Guages and Interior:
ECMlink ECU (full stand alone ecu)
Zeitronix Wideband Kit
OEM JDM Mivec Guage Cluster 10,000 rpm Redline
Greddy Profec B II Boost Controller with hi/lo switch
Shift Light
Sparktech Ignition
Recaro Pole Position Racing Seats
Custom Wedge Engineering Brackets
WORKS EVO 8 Short Shifter
OEM EVO SS Shift Knob
Takata Racing Harness
DEI CO2 Intercooler Sprayer Kit
WORKS Bell Quick Release Hub
OMP Racing Steering Wheel (Tommi Mackenin Edition)

BBS 17×8 wheels
BFG KDW2 245/40/17 tires
Cusco Zero 2R for EVO 5
Brembo 4 pot caliper (front)
Brembo 2 pot caliper (rear)
WP Pro SS Brake Lines
Custom 4 Point Roll Cage w/ Takata Green Paint
JDM EVO 5 Front Strut Bar
JDM EVO 5 Front Lower Sway Bar
EVO 8 Rear Lower Sway Bar

Pioneer CD/MP3/IPOD/Satelite Radio Player
Polk Tweeter
Sony Heavy Bass Speakers

Body and Paint:
Spring Mountain Auto Body Ferrari Red Paint Job
OEM JDM EVO 5 Wide Body Front Bumper
OEM JDM EVO 5 Head Lights
OEM JDM EVO 5 Tail Lights
OEM CF EVO 5 Trunk
OEM JDM EVO 5 Fenders
OEM JDM EVO 5 4Dr Front End Conversion
OEM JDM EVO 5 Wide Body Kit

Modified Magazine 2003, DSport Magazine 2008, Performance Auto and Sound Magazine 2009, Import Tunner 2010, Fast Fours Magazine Australia 2009, Banzai Magazine UK 2010, SEMA featured vehicle 2008-2010, Manley Sport Compact Catalog 2010, Motion, SPOCOM, Nesie Tokyo Town, Import Face Off Drag Racing, Battle Of the Imports Drag Racing.


Sep ’12 Featured Car: Francis Damian 1977 Toyota Celica GT 2000 Liftback

Owner: Francis Damian Tuason, LV Chapter


  • Restored Black interior
  • Corbeau 70’s Classic Bucket
  • Momo Super Indy Steering Wheel
  • Kenwood Single Din Deck
  • NRG Short Hub
  • NRG Gen2 Quick Release
  • Vintage Toyota Teq Shift knob
  • Dealer optional black floor mats with Red Dragon Logo
  • Hyper White LED cluster bulbs


  • Gravity Silver Metallic Paint
  • Shaved Side Moldings
  • TRD Rep Fender Flares
  • TRD Rep Front Air dam/Lip
  • Toyota OEM Fender Mirrors
  • Toyota Optional Rear Window Louver
  • Compomotive TF300
  • -Front 13×9.5 -25 Offset
  • -Rear 13×10 -25 Offset
  • Sumitomo HTR200 215/50/13 Tires
  • Front & Rear FB Smiley Bumpers
  • Australian spec rear tail light conversion
  • Tokico Blue Strut inserts
  • AutoPal H4 Headlight Conversion
  • 6000K H.I.D Kit


  • Toyota 20r Head
  • -270/430 Engnbldr Cam
  • -Ported Head
  • -Exhaust Smog Ports filled
  • -Cannon Dual Side draft Manifold
  • -Dual Mikuni 40PHH Side draft Carburetors
  • -K&N Filters
  • -Pacesetter Header 4-1
  • -Custom 2.5 Exhaust
  • – Toyota 20r Block
  • -LC Engineering 9lb Lightened Flywheel
  • -LC Engineering Polished Waterpump pulley
  • -LC Engineering Street Lightweight Connecting Rods
  • -Wiseco 10.5.1 Pistons
  • -Total Seal Piston Rings
  • -Micro-polished & Balanced Crank
  • -GM Alternator Conversion 200AMP CS144
  • -Shuriken SK-BT20 Mini Battery
  • -12″ Slim fan
  • -Aluminum Radiator
  • -LCE Billet Motor Mounts

Aug ’12 Featured Car: James Lin’s 1996 BMW E36

James Lin’s 1996 BMW E36Team Hybrid Founder


  • Rieger GTR-1 Body Kit in Artic Silver
  • Rieger GTR-1 Roof Spoiler in Artic Silver
  • M3 Sport Package in Artic Silver
  • M3 Side Moldings in Artic Silver
  • BBR Carbon Fiber Lip
  • European-Spec Headlight w/ Angel Eyes
  • European-Spec Taillight
  • European-Spec Side Markers in Artic Silver
  • European-Spec Eyebrows in Artic Silver
  • HID 5000K Head Lights
  • HID 5000K Fog Lights
  • B1 Hybrid Corner Bulbs
  • Dual Way M3 Heated Side Mirrors in Artic Silver
  • Wraptivo Carbon Fiber Decals
  • Glossy White Decals by Graphic Impact


  • Racing Dynamic Carbon Fiber Valve Cover
  • Racing Dynamic Polished Strut Bar
  • BMW Grade Wrapped Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover
  • BMW Grade Wrapped Carbon Fiber Fuse Box
  • K&N Intake System w/ Carbon Fiber Filter
  • European M3 Polished Oil Cap
  • Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
  • Mishimoto Carbon Valve Cap
  • Mishimoto Radiator Hoses
  • HKS Klasse Exhaust System
  • AMSOIL 10W-40 Premium Protection Oil
  • AMSOIL Differential: Severe Gear 75W-90
  • AMSOIL Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube
  • Clutch Masters 03041-HD00 FX100 Stage 1 Clutch Kit


  • Dresmann 3 Piece Rim
  • Front: 19 X 8.5
  • Rear: 19 X 8.5
  • BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW
  • Front: 215/35/ZR19
  • Rear: 215/35/ZR19

Brakes & Suspension:

  • StopTech Trophy Street BBK: 4 Piston Front (One-off KIT and only set in the world)
  • StopTech Trophy Street BBK: 2 Piston Rear (One-off KIT and only set in the world)
  • StopTech Drilled 2-Piece AeroRotors (F & R)
  • StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • StopTech High Performance Brake Pads (F & R)
  • AMSOIL Dot 4 Brake Fluid
  • Tokico Illumina 5-Way Adjustable Shocks/Springs Suspension Kit
  • Energy Suspension Bushings


  • Sparco Piuma Steering Wheel
  • Sparco Piuma Shift Knob
  • Sparco Piuma Pedal Set for Manual Transmission
  • Sparco Torino 2 w/ 3PT Sparco Double System Harness
  • Sparco Track Set Sliders
  • Sparco Seat Brackets
  • NRG Short Hub
  • NRG 3.0 Quick Release
  • Torasport Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit
  • Carbon Fiber Shift Boot
  • Carbon Fiber E-Brake Boot
  • Carbon Fiber Arm Rest
  • Carbon Fiber E-Brake
  • Suede Front Door & Rear Panel Inserts by Art’s Customs
  • BMW Grade Wrapped Carbon Fiber Handles
  • Embroidered “Team Hybrid” Floor Mats
  • Relocated Climate Control
  • Relocated 18-Botton On-Board Computer
  • LED Ultra White Interior Lights

Audio & Visual:

  • Sony XNV-770BT Double Din 7″ w/ Touch Screen, Navigation, DVD & Bluetooth w/ Remote
  • Sony XS-GTR1720S (2) Xplōd GTR Series 2- Way Speakers
  • Sony XS-GTX1641 (1) Xplōd GTX Series 4-Way Speakers
  • Sony XS-GTR100L (2) Xplōd™ 10″ 4-ohm Component Subwoofer
  • Sony XM-4S (2) Slim Series 4/3 Channel Amplifier
  • Sony XM-15 (2) Slim Series Class D Mono Amplifier
  • Sony XVM-B62 (4) Flush Mount 6.25″ LCD Monitor
  • Sony XA-R800C (1) Rear View Camera
  • Sony NSZ-GT1 (1) Internet/Powered by Google TV/Apps/Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Savv LBM – S5000 – Security Rear View Mirror Monitor w/ Remote
  • Custom 7″ Double Din Dash
  • Custom Rear Interior Flush Mount 6.25″ LCD Monitor into the Ash Tray Compartment
  • Custom Motorization for Sony AMPS (4pcs)
  • Custom Motorization for Sony Internet/Powered by Google TV/Apps/Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Stinger TRUE-SPEC Tinned Oxygen-Free Copper Line Wires and Cables
  • Stinger Power Supply
  • Stinger Power Converter
  • NRG Chrome/Silver Aluminum Washers and 10mm Bolts
  • Optima Deep Cycle Yellow Top Battery
  • LED Ultra White Lights
  • Clifford Keyless Remote Entry & Alarm System
  • E36 is also Wi-Fi Ready
  • Customized and Fabricated in Fiberglass Trunk & Trunk Lid Painted in Artic Silver/ Suede / Wraptivo Carbon Fiber Wrap Multimedia Audio and Video System by Al & Ed’s Autosound, Northridge

Sponsors and Hybrid Luv: BFGoodrich, Meguiar’s, SONY, StopTech, Mishimoto, Sparco, K&N, AMSOil, Wraptivo, Optima Batteries, ClutchMaster’s, Graphik Impact, Energy Suspension, Tokico, NOS Energy Drinks, Zerimar Dezigns, China Square, and Hybrid Lighting LTD., Co.

May 23+ years of Team Hybrid’s Tradition- Philosophy-Innovation-Management-Quality continue making import history…

July ’12 Featured Car: Omar Rivas’ 2004 Honda S2000

Omar Rivas – Team Hybrid Southern California Chapter


  • Honda 2.0L F20C Inline-4


  • Kinsler Fuel Injection Custom ITBs
  • designed by Bisimoto
  • AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Kinsler Custom Fuel Rail
  • Injector Dynamics 725cc Injectors
  • Custom Fuel Surge Tanks
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • Stainless Conical Race Valves
  • Port and Polished Head
  • Supertech Titanium Valve Spring/Retainers
  • Valve adjustment by AlexS2200 @ s2ki
  • Custom Painted Valve Cover
  • Unorthodox Racing Pulleys
  • J’s Radiator Cover
  • Torco racing oil (10w30)
  • Mugen Baffled Oil Pan
  • GReddy Catch tank
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • KOYO Radiator
  • FAL Fans
  • Mugen Fan Switch
  • J’s Racing Race Thermostat
  • Custom 4-2-1 Long Header
  • T1R 70mm Stainless Steel Exhaust


  • AEM Serial2 EMS Tuned by Bisimoto
  • ACT Street Clutch
  • ACT Race Flywheel
  • ACT Heavy Duty Press Plate
  • Innovative (60A) Engine, Transmission
  • and Diff. Mounts
  • Reinforced 2nd 3rd and 4th Transmission
  • Gears (straight cut)
  • Mugen 1.5 LSD
  • Cusco Diff. Reinforcement Kit
  • J’s Racing 4.57 Racing Gears (Straight Cut)
  • TheDriveSharft Shop reinforced
  • Driveshafts Ends


  • Prodrive GC-010G 18×10.5-inch +22
  • BFGoodrich T/A KDW tires Fronts 255/35R18
  • BFGoodrich T/A KDW tires Rears 265/35R18
  • Wilwood 6-Piston BBK
  • Endless MX72 Race Pads
  • Wilwood stainless Brake Lines
  • Motul 600 brake Fluid


  • Tein SRC Race Coilovers 16k front 16k rear
  • Garner 3way Front Race Swaybar
  • J’s Racing front Camber joint L1
  • J’s Racing front Adjustable tie-rod ends
  • J’s Racing rear Roll center adjusters
  • J’s Racing rear Adjustable Toe arms
  • J’s Racing driveshaft spacers
  • Spoon rear Lower Tie Bar
  • Spoon front Strut Tower Bar
  • Cusco Rear Tower Bar


  • House of Color Electron Blue Pearl Paint
  • C-West Carbon Hood
  • J’s Racing F/R Tow Hooks
  • J’s Racing Front Bumper type 2.0
  • J’s Racing Race Fenders
  • J’s Racing Canards
  • AJ Racing Side diffusers
  • ASM Rear Fender Flares
  • ASM Dry Carbon Duckbill
  • Spoon Rear Diffuser
  • APR Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
  • Voltex Wing Type IV
  • Voltex Wing Extensions
  • Voltex Gurney Flap
  • Honda OEM Hardtop
  • Izzy’s Hardtop Mounts
  • 5k custom HiD’s
  • Car’s weight is 2646 LBS with Driver


  • Mugen Shift Knob
  • Moddiction/International Short Shifter
  • Recaro Pole Position Seats
  • (Driver and Passenger)
  • Bride Seat Rails
  • Custom Race Door Panels by Gunshow
  • Ap2 Interior Upgrade
  • NGR Quick Release
  • AEM Serial Gauges
  • AEM A/F fuel gauge
  • Momo 320mm Steering Wheel
  • Autopower Driver 6 point Harness
  • Schroth Passenger harness
  • Hard Dog Roll Cage (chromed)
  • AIM Sport GPS Data Logger


  • Sony Double DIN 7″ Center
  • Sony Xplōd GTX Series Speakers fronts x2
  • and rears 6.5″ x2
  • Sony Xplōd 12″ SVC Subwoofer x2
  • Sony GTR Series 2/1 Channel Amplifier x2
  • Sony ZR Series 4/3/2 Channel Amplifier
  • Model x1
  • Sony Rear View Camera x1
  • iPod® Interface for Sony
  • Sony Flush Mount LCD Monitors x2
  • Custom Fiberglass Box
  • Custom Amplifier rack


God, My family, Dr. Rivas Dental, El Presidente/Founder of Team Hybrid & Hybrid Hunnyz – James Lin, Team Hybrid Family, Bisi, Hedi and staff from Bisimoto Engineering, Scott and Greg from Kinsler Fuel Injection, Sony, BFGoodrich Tires, Meguiar’s, Upgrade Motoring, Fred aka Gunshow and Tak of S2kI/VIS/S3 Designs, Moddiction/ International Short Shifters; the love of my life Gretchen Rivas, Jirro Fernandez, Jeremy Pyka, Jason Rivas, the boys from SFV Grip- Werks, Topdown, FilthIEst and all who helped made this project happen. R.I.P. Paul Flores aka smirfs2k05, you will live in our hearts forever.

May 17+ years of Team Hybrid’s Tradition- Philosophy-Innovation-Management-Quality continue making import history…