Modified Dec. ’08 Cameo Feature – Archie Concon’s Mirage

Congratulations to Archie Concon’s 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage for being featured in the event coverage of Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2008 (MOD) in Modified Magazine December 2008 Issue, pgs. 094-096. Not only is he featured in this MOD event coverage, but he also won Best of Show @ this 4th annual event amongest hundreds of Mitsubishis from all over the US. Archie is on fire right now tearing up the pages of all the major magazines. He still has one more full feature coming in Fast Fours Magazine (Australia) and we hope it comes out January 2009 so we can start the year on the right foot. If not, look out for more to come from this re-done Mirage. In 2009, we plan on making another hugh wave with this re-done new look esp. w/ BFG’s 2009 show/race season. All of you have seen the new look @ SEMA 2008 and the car literally looks like it is on fire now. Thank you again, Archie, for carrying on our tradition (a decade) of building award winning/magazine worthy Mitsubishi.

Super Street Dec. ’08 Featured Article – Paul Gongora’s EVO IX

Congratulations to Paul Gongora and his 2006 Mitsubishi EVO IX for appearing in a full 6 page feature in Super Street Magazine December 2008 issue, pgs 042-047, plus a cameo on the cover. The article is very well written about building straight-forward/well executed cars and the excellent photography really brings out the PPG Wineberry Candy Paint. Super Street said, “When shifting through the sea of EVOs at this year’s Nisei festival, this purple-to-pink flowpping IX stood out llike a sore thumb.” Paul said, “I learned a lot patience not only in my team life, but in my personal life.” Team Hybrid cars has been setting trends for the past decade but we also teach our members to be trend setters not only in our team but in their personal life as well.


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Super Street - Paul Gongora's EVO IX Super Street - Paul Gongora's EVO IX Super Street - Paul Gongora's EVO IX

Super Street - Paul Gongora's EVO IX Super Street - Paul Gongora's EVO IX Super Street - Paul Gongora's EVO IX Super Street - Paul Gongora's EVO IX

PASMAG Overdrive Dec. ’08 Feature Article – Archie Concon’s AWD Mirage

Congratulations to LV probie, Archie Concon’s 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage on being in a 5 page feature in PASMAG Overdrive Magazine which is inside of the December 2008 issue, pgs. 220-224. PASMAG Overdrive wrote, “Apart from the annual gatherings for SEMA and CES, the sweet sounds of turbo spool and tire screeching are seldom heard on the Vegas strip… Concon and his Mirage are proud members of Team Hybrid/ and PAS would like to thank James Lin and Chris Haydostian for helping find this one-of-a kind project. Props to Concon for investing his money into something we can all appreciate rather than losing it at the casino tables. This was a game he could never lose.”


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PASMAG Overdrive - Archie Concon's AWD Mirage PASMAG Overdrive - Archie Concon's AWD Mirage PASMAG Overdrive - Archie Concon's AWD Mirage

PASMAG Overdrive - Archie Concon's AWD Mirage PASMAG Overdrive - Archie Concon's AWD Mirage PASMAG Overdrive - Archie Concon's AWD Mirage

PASMAG Dec. ’08 Featured Article – Frank Klepadlo’s tC

Congratulations to SoCal probie, Frank Klepadlo’s 2006 Scion tC in a 4 page feature in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine December 2008 issue, pgs. 074-078. PAS wrote, “When’s he’s not on the clock, Klepadlos association with Team Hybrid keeps him very active in the SoCal car scene showing off his own customized 2006 Scion tC…. There are even rumours it will appear in next summers FnF film. That would be nice bonus, but thanks to great sponsors like Karl @ AA Autoworks, Toyo Tires, Rotora, Sparco USA, Motul, Monarch Wheels and James Lin of Team Hybrid &, it’s already a force to be reckoned with.”


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PASMAG - Frank Klepadlo's tC PASMAG - Frank Klepadlo's tC

PASMAG - Frank Klepadlo's tC PASMAG - Frank Klepadlo's tC PASMAG - Frank Klepadlo's tC

Super Street Nov. ’08 – Import Showoff, Nisei 08/16/08

Congratulations to our team once again for our performance (9 trophies) @ Import Showoff, Nisei on 08/16/08. Now our results are published and documented in the November 2008 issue of Super Street Magazine. Thanks again to NorCal, SoCal, Vegas, and SD for all showing up to be a part of one of our largest show gatherings in our history.

Team Hybrid – Showoff Team Represent!

EXC Runner up w/ 5ft Trophy – Kirby Wang – GS300

Best Of Class: James Lin – Scion Class – xA

1st Place

Chef Haydostian – Euro Other Class – VW Passat

Frankie Klepadlo – Scion Class – TC

2nd place

Paul Gongora – Mitsubishi Class – Evo 9

David Hang – Mazda Class – Miata

David Huang – Euro Other Class – Range Rover Sport

3rd Place

Charles Cha – Mitsubishi Class – Evo 9


(Click pictures for full size) Nov. ’08 Website Feature – Robert Chew’s GS300

Congratulations to Robert Chew’s 1999 Lexus GS300 for being feature on


* Junction Produce Billet Grill
* Junction Produce Front Bumper with Fogs
* Junction Produce Side skirts and Door inserts
* Junction Produce Rear Bumper
* Junction Produce Roof Wing
* Junction Produce 3 pc Trunk Spoiler
* Chrome trunk bar
* Shaved rear emblems
* Mercedes Benz Black Paint


* Junction Produce type II exhaust
* Air runner air suspension system


* Leon Hardiritt Ordens 19″
* Falken FK452 Tires


* ACC Air Gauges
* ACC 4 switch panel
* Junction Produce Fusa
* Junction Produce Gintsuna
* Junction Produce Hello Kitty
* Junction Produce Missions Neck Pad(s) x 4
* Junction Produce Missions Tissue Box Cover
* D.A.D. Garson VIP Premium Curtains w/Crystals
* D.A.D. Garson Air Freshener
* Optima Yellow Top battery
* Xenon-Vision D2R 15k Bulb upgrade
* Xenon-Vision 15k HID fog lights


* Custom Trunk set up
* Big Brake Upgrade
* Engine Work
* Turbo/Supercharger
* New Custom Paint
* Interior Work

(Click pictures for full size) Nov. ’08 Featured Article – Darin ‘Kunani’ Ferraro’s Nissan GT-R (R35)

Congratulations to Darin ‘Kunani’ Ferraro’s 2009 Nissan GT-R (R35) for being featured in a story about SEMA 2008 on Yesterday, on the thread I made about Paul’s EVO IX being in Super Street Magazine, I said, “…wait till you see the re-done and new project cars we are building that will be coming out soon esp. for the 2009 show/race schedule w/ our title sponsor BFG/Michelin.” Today is the first day of SEMA and already, one of our new projects for 2009 is making news. The new cars you will be seeing towards the end of this year are going to be some of our top future superstars. It is the next generation of Hybridz that will be taking us to the 15 year goal.


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Modified Nov. ’08 Cameo Feature – Frankie Klepadlo’s tC

In Modified November 2008 issue, pg 102-105, there is an article about SpoCom, Long Beach. There are event pictures of Team Hybrid’s Scion tC built/owned by Frankie K. Modified also posted up the competition results and we are in there for:

2nd Place Best Team Overall – Team Hybrid – Our lineup of 16 cars in 5 different locations.
2nd Place Subaru – Daniel Louie (NorCal) – Wrx.
3rd Place Mitsubishi – Jason MacGill (SoCal) aka. Eric Lam – EVO MR VIII.
3rd Place Scion/Toyota/Lexus – James Lin & David Huang (SoCal) – Scion xA. This was probably one of the most or the toughest category to place in and our Scion xA held it down


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