SEMA Show 2014, Las Vegas Convention – November 4-7, 2014

SEMA2014 RECAP!!!!
SEMA2014 RECAP!!!!

A recap on what out team brought to SEMA 2014, many 1st time builds and 1 unique build. Total in attendance for Team Hybrid 10 cars, from Las Vegas Chapter, Southern California and San Antonio Texas Chapter.

November 4, time for SEMA check and roll in of our 10 Hybrid Vehicles. Word is we have the most cars present for any import team with the most variety of years, makes and models. DTM, JDM, KDM and USDM will all be represented and huge thanks to all our team title sponsors for the continuous support.

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LV Chapter’s Robert Green’s LS460

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LV Chapter and Co-Leader, Archie Concon’s Mirage aka. 2dr. EVO
First Varis 2door wide body in the US

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Debuting the first ever and only Limited 10 Scion FRS with the
9-piece ML24 built by LV Chapter’s Jason “Yoshi” Nebril’s FR-S

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SoCal Chapter’s Mark Lopez’s Optima Turbo-R

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San Antonio Chapter and Co-Leader, Donald Xavier’s Sky

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LV Chapter’s Den Delos Santos’s Civic

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SoCal Chapter and Co-Leader, Scott Dean’s E46 M3

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SoCal Chapter’s Cristyan Aquino’s WRX STi wide body

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Las Vegas Chapter’s Michael Chua’s EVO X

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Las Vegas Chapter’s Robert Green’s xB

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