Import Tuner December 2009


In Import Tuner December 2009 issue , pg 014, there is an article about Nisei Showoff 2009; Little Tokyo – Los Angeles, Ca.

Title of the article is “GoodBye Nisei Showoff.”

IT wrote, “It’s absolutely true that all good things come to an end.

The only question is whether the end is really the end….Recently, Los Angeles’ Little Showoff: L.A.’s title match among elite Japanese import show cars.

This was the tenth consecutive event in as many years as it’s been held, and – as Nisei Week organizers broke the news to disheartene enthusiasts day of how – was to be it’s last…If the rumors prove to be true, then it’s safe to say the good times went out with a bang. Registration was up so much over preceding years that only the creme de la creme of modified rides were allowed admittance….offering from teams High End, ar-kan, M2tuning, Hybrid, and DD Garage.”

Team Hybrid is still one of “the” elite echelon of import teams from a decade and a half ago till this very day.

Impressive or impossible for another import team to ever match our record, success and innovation?

I guess we will never know anytime soon especially since we are still here today rockin’ true import team and once again, on the top of our game by becoming the #1 Import Team Overall – Quality @ Nisei Showoff 2009. Much luv to all the current Hybridz who continue to believe, dedicate and trust the Hybrid formula & tradition.



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