HybridHunnyz.com 2nd Year Anniversary

January 30, 2009 marks www.HybridHunnyz.com‘s 2 Year Anniversary.

What started as an idea I had in 1995 to call our own models that I brought to the import car competitions has turned into a business 2 years ago.

Not knowing how long this would last, we are now here @ the 2 year mark and I have to thank not only our photographer, Aaron Foklok and the beautiful Hunnyz, but Team Hybrid, the members (Mike Lin, Dustin Schulze, Scott Dean, and Steven Starr) who helped behind the scenes and our supporters worldwide.

Truly appreciate it and we would not be able to last another day if it were not for all of you.

Nikita Esco & Natalia Marie would also like to thank all of you too.




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