Import Tuner Mar. ’09 Cameo Feature – Archie Concon’s Mirage

In Import Tuner March 2009 issue, pg 062, there is an article about SEMA Show 2008 in Las Vegas. The title of the article is “The HOT 70 FROM SEMA.” Import Tuner wrote, ” While most of you couldn’t attend-SEMA is a trade show limited to industry professionals-no fear, we’ve complied out list of the Top 70: The 25 hottest cars and parts, five SEMA moments, and the 15 juiciest booth babes.” Guess what? Team Hybrid and Mr. Concon did it again. Our very own Las Vegas Chapter’s Archie Concon’s re-done Ferrari Red 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage which debuted @ SEMA 2008 has made it as one of “The 25 Hottest Cars and Parts…”

In the article the picture caption stated, “Team Hybrid ’00 Mirage with AWD EVO conversion” With so many beautiful cars @ SEMA, I wonder why most of the major magazines are selecting and featuring “Hybrid Cars” instead of the other beautifully built individual, company & dollar cars?” I’m sure most of you here know why and now, this makes it 3 months in a row in 2009 that our cars have been featured in some way, shape or form in a major import magazine. Thanks to all who continue to maintain our strong brand image.

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