Import Tuner Mar. ’08 Featured Article – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xD

In Import Tuner March 2008 issue, pg 022, there is a half page article about Team Hybrid titled, “TEAMHYBRID FTW.” There is a large picture of our 1st place Green Scion Team Tuner Challenge Hybrid xD taken at a studio. Import Tuner wrote, “What started off as a blip on the radar of sport compact competition later gave birth to one of the most looked-forward to build-off events of 2007, as the enthusiasm Scion met with last year’s first annual Scion Tuner Challenge prompted the company to present an even bigger opportunity for tuners the second time around. For 2007, Scion gave Southern California’s Team Auto Concept Elite, Team Koshak and Team Hybrid each identical ’08 xD’s, and a budget of $15,000 to create a winning build to be judged by the NCCA. Accepting the challenge, each team upped the ante set by last year’s competition. After consideration, it was Team Hybrid that took top honors at the this year’s SEMA show. Coordinated by James Lin, this year’s car featured a custom Garrett turbo kit, ING+1 exterior styling dressed in custom House of Kolor hues, a CREATIVE custom figerglass interior and custom Air Runner suspension.”

This is the 3rd article this year about our award winning 1st place Scion xD in a major import magazine and we are still in the first month of the new year. Furthermore, this is also back to back (Feb & March 08) appearances of Team Hybrid cars featured in Import Tuner.