Scion’s OEM Catalogue Winter/Spring ’08/Issue 12 Featured Article – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xD

Congratulations to Project Director, James Lin and Project Manager, David Huang’s 2008 Scion xD in a 1 page feature in Scion’s OEM Catalogue Winter/Spring 08/Issue 12/Page 61. This is another huge accomplishment for this car and our team because this OEM catalogue is in EVERY SCION DEALERSHIP IN NORTH AMERICA. Imagine the kind of exposure our team is getting. You thought making a feature and/or cover (most import peoples’ #1 goal) of a major import magazine was an accomplishment, imagine your car making into a major car manufacture’s OEM catalogue. What import team past or present can live up to our standard of achievements. David and I continue to lead by example and we continue to live up to the YEAR OF THE HYBRIDZ.