Meguiar’s Feb. ’08 – Car Club Central Newsletter

Congratulations. We have been selected to be Meguiar’s Car Club Central Newsletter Feb 2008 featured Car Club.

80+ Members
Established January 7, 1995
Located in Southern California, Northern California and Las Vegas
Ultimate Quik Detailer® is Team Hybrid’s Favorite Product

High Profile vehicles of Team Hybrid:
13+ years of building cars so there are just too many to list
Recently, Team Hybrid won the Scion Team Tuner Challenge for the 2nd year in a row

They built (as seen in pictures) Team Hybrid’s Gold 2006 xA @ SEMA 2006 and Green 2008 xD @ SEMA 2007. Team Hybrid President & Founder James Lin says that car clubs mean family, community, excellence, innovation, exposure, comradery, sponsorships and love or as we call it “Hybrid luv.”

Team Hybrid would like to thank: Meguiar’s, (No, Thank-you) BF Goodrich, Michelin and all the Team Hybrid co-leaders, members, Hunnyz and probies who have made Team Hybrid a legendary import team. May our tradition continue making history…