HCI Feb. ’08 Cameo Feature – 1st Place Scion Tuner Challenge, SEMA 2007 Plaque

In HCI 2008 issue, pg 011, there is an article about Scion Tuner Challenge. There is an event picture of our 1st place Scion Tuner Challenge, SEMA 2007 plaque and part of the article states, “For the past three years, Scion has enlisted three top tuners and/or teams to compete in its SEMA show buildoff. With each team given a car of Scion’s choice to start their project, along with a budget of $15,000 that cannot be exceeded. The teams are given 10 weeks to put together what they believe will top their efforts of the other two teams. As was the case last year, 2007 contest had three teams going head-to-head for the top prize: Team Koshak/All Star, Auto Concept and Team Hybrid…..After the drama-filled round of judging, Team Hybrid came out on top, followed by Team Koshak/All Star and Auto Concept, respectively.”