PASMAG Features Team Hybrid in April 2013 Issue

Written by pasmag staff | Photography supplied by Team Hybrid | 04 April 2013

Team Hybrid
Team Hybrid stands for the birth of a new tradition in creativity, originality and quality. With the guidance of its Founder and President, James Lin, Team Hybrid continues to set new traditions — going on 18+ years and we’re stronger than ever. The leaders of this team want an efficient organization that sets its own standards and qualifications. The idea is to create a team with diverse, hard-working members instilled with honorable values, passion and a special individuality in every car.

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Team Hybrid @ CES 2013 in Las Vegas

A message from Troy McGregor at CES

It’s been a good week, we are rocking Scott Buwalda‘s G35 all week we made some people say wow, only a few hate the car.. And it’s only due to they need to redo they Audio in their car. One guy got out and ran… He had to get his friend so he could hear it..

That’s good stuff!

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