Super Street Nov. ’08 – Import Showoff, Nisei 08/16/08

Super Street - Import Showoff, Nisei 08/16/08

Congratulations to our team once again for our performance (9 trophies) @ Import Showoff, Nisei on 08/16/08. Now our results are published and documented in the November 2008 issue of Super Street Magazine. Thanks again to NorCal, SoCal, Vegas, and SD for all showing up to be a part of one of our largest show gatherings in our history.

Team Hybrid – Showoff Team Represent!

EXC Runner up w/ 5ft Trophy – Kirby Wang – GS300

Best Of Class: James Lin – Scion Class – xA

1st Place

Chef Haydostian – Euro Other Class – VW Passat

Frankie Klepadlo – Scion Class – TC

2nd place

Paul Gongora – Mitsubishi Class – Evo 9

David Hang – Mazda Class – Miata

David Huang – Euro Other Class – Range Rover Sport

3rd Place

Charles Cha – Mitsubishi Class – Evo 9


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