Import Face-Off Las Vegas 10/15/17

We’ve done very well at the IFO series this year, but to seal the deal we went big in Vegas. Vegas, San Diego, Oxnard, SoCal, and AZ coming together to have fun and rock the show. We also debuted out newest display, a partnership with our newest sponsor WhiteLine.

Best Team – Team Hybrid

Best Paint – Eric McWilliams EVO X

1st place FRS/BRZ – Yoshi Nebril FRS

1st place Scion – Robert Green xB

1st place Other Honda – Shelby Rivera S2000

1st Place Z/G – Sergio Guevara 370Z

1st plaec Mitsubishi – Mark Buffington EVO

1st Place Display – Archie Concon Mirage (2 DoorEvo)

1st Place Euro – Robert David BMW 5 Series


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