360 Car Show – Las Vegas

Immediately following S.E.M.A comes the 360 Car Show in Las Vegas, so why not attend since we’re already deep for SEMA?

This show raises money and awareness to the F.U. Cancer and F.U. Autism organizations, so what a great event to show support for. We already have several SoCal cars in town, so why not combine with Vegas Chapter and have a fun time? It was a great show and good Hybrid bonding time. We don’t get to do this often so we made sure to take advantage.

Best VIP – Mark Lopez Optima

Best Scion – Yoshi Nebril FRS

Best Mitsubishi – Archie Concon Mirage

Best Domestic – Ken Ticknor Charge Superbee

2nd place Mazda – Robert Green RX-7

2nd place Mitsubishi – Jhayar Castillo Lancer

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