SpoCom Anaheim 2013 Recap

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With months of planing across all chapters the day to show and tell is now a piece of Team Hybrid’s history books.

The out come was great for all chapter who showed up to compete in the name of the sport, the team and their title sponsors.

We have combined a small recap of what what said and done at SpoCom Anaheim Convention Center 2013.

Team Hybrid would like to thank each and every member, titles sponsors, Hybrid Hunnyz, family and friends for making this event a success.


The leaders who live, breath and die Team Hybrid. (L-R) Thank you Recruiting Director Jesse Ramirez (1+ year), SD Chapter Director Scott Dean (10+ years), Found/President James Lin (18+ years) and LV Chapter Director Archie Concon (5+ years), for all you guys do behind the scenes and on the battle field.

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 Our 2013 SpoCom Winners!

SpoCom Winners2013

(Pictures L-R) Eric McWilliams, Brian Camacho, James Lin, Jerred Amick and Archi Concon, Not pictured Gary Watson

SpoCom Super Show July 13, 2013, Anaheim Convention Center results.
Congratulations to our 7 awards esp. the Team award:

Best Display – Team Hybrid
Best Scion – James Lin
Best Honda – Brian Camacho
Best Mitsubishi 2nd place – Eric McWilliams
Best Toyota 2nd place – Jerred Amick
Best Domestic 2nd place – Gary Watson
Best BMW 2nd place – James Lin

Hybridz and Hunnyz excellent work and we exceed not only the expectation of ourselves and our fans, but especially, all our great partners and team title sponsors (FB Cover Photo).




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Team Hybrid 2013

What is amazing is this is only a snap shot of our team and not with everyone included esp. our Hunnyz and Hybridz from other States and Countries.




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This is how we do @ SpoCom 2013!

Thank you to Jesse, Scott, Archie, James and Scion USA for making this come true. Lastly, for the best transport service especial on price and professionalism, please contact [email protected]




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Team Hybrid – Best Display Winner at SpoCom 2013, Anaheim.

We are infamous for putting on a show within a show and within another show all at the same time. We continue to innovate and set new industry standards on how an overall Best Team of not just cars should perform. The judges and the SpoCom staff have spoken. If in doubt, check the scoreboard.

A message from a fan – Congrats to my Team Hybrid for getting the Best of Show Trophy!!! Hard Work pays off!! Much Xoxo KiMmie Lee



What was said on PasswordJDM’s FB post:

Brian Camacho’s www.PasswordJDM.com sponsored Civic took 1st Place for Best Honda this past weekend at Spocom!

Congrats to Brian & Team Hybrid for the win!

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Like we’ve said time and time again, the Hybrid Formula works and another Team Hybrid Super Star is born. Congrats Brian and 1st place baby!



K&N + Creations n’ Chrome + Top Notch +
Daniello Lo + Team Hybrid = Best Display at SpoCom, Anaheim 2013.

Fans are lining up to get their Top Notch posters autographed by the beautiful Danielle Lo.

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Team Hybrid’s EVO X built by Mike Gutierrez in the AEM Intakes Booth at SpoCom 2013

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AEM MC SpoCom2013

 Hybrid Luv Maureen Chen and AEM Induction Systems. We continue to show why we are the best all around esp. due to our carefully selected industry partners!

We not only continue to make dreams come true for our leaders/members/probies but for our Hybrid Hunnyz, Maureen Chen and AEM Filter fans.

M Chen

MikeG MoreneC

Model: Maureen Chen, Car Builder: Mike Guteirrez


Awesome activation event K&N Filters, Daniello Lo and Team Hybrid’s EVO X built by Eric McWilliams.

Hybrid luv always.

One side of the K&N booth at SPOCOM….Team Hybrid Evo X

EricM KN SpoCom2013

What Eric was handing out at the K&N signing booth

 KN EricM


Hybrid Luv Autoshowevents.com and using our GTR as their FB main event coverage photo.

They also wrote, “The car show was freaking bad ass. There seemed to be more people and a bit bigger I think. Tons of car clubs from Team Hybrid that basically had a long line of cars from one end to the other. Really nice classic GTR under a white canopy.” Lastly, thanks for acknowledging our Strong Presence! 

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