Apr ’13 Featured Model: Elle Navarro

IMG 8209

Elle Navarro, born in Olongapo City Philippines and grew up in Southern California most of her life in a city called Oxnard.  This is the same city Team Hybrid was founded back in 1995 when Elle was only 10 years old. 

Elle was discovered first by Team Hybrid back in 2007 when we introduced her as one of our newest Hybrid Hunnyz and main spokesmodels for Team Hybrid.

Elle’s background is quite simple.  She grew up as a tomboy and was always in evolved in sports.  Mainly soccer and softball where MVP and all-star teams were no stranger to her.  She has always been very competitive and love to win just like Hybridz.  That is why we match so well with her and our fate crossed paths.  She  acts, models for major companies, go go’s, one of the main features on HybridHunnyz.com and is a treat on all levels. 

She has graced the cover of Super Street, Low Rider and MAXIM Espanol just to name a few.  

Lastly, she has shown tremendous Hybrid Luv and remained loyal with Team Hybrid for 7+ years now and our latest collaboration with her was at Motion 2012 in Long Beach as our Team Hybrid / K&N spokesmodel.

IMG 8209