Hybrid Hunnyz 15 Year Anniversary

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This year on January 30, 2012 would of marked www.HybridHunnyz.com’s 15 Year Anniversary.

What started as an idea & name our Founder/President had in 1995 to call our own models that we brought to the import car competitions has turned into a business 15 years ago.

Not knowing how long this would last, the website lasted 3 years until 2010. Today, we celebrate our past sister site in spirit, but our Hybrid Hunnyz are still here today going stronger than ever.

We are working hard behind the scenes to discover and launch new faces, continuing to work with the industries best and breeding a pipeline of future Hunnyz to come.

Truly appreciate all the fans worldwide esp. the ones from the past who supported HybridHunnyz.com.

As you know, things change all the time for the better here @ Team Hybrid, don’t be surprised if we bring back HybridHunnyz.com V2 in the near future.