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Congratulations to Sunny Suravarapu’s Honda “Twin-Turbo” V6 Accord featured on AMSOil Events Update Blog Spot titled “It’s Sunny in California.”…alifornia.html

AMSOil wrote, “It’s not every day you see a twin turbo on a 7th generation V6 Honda Accord. In fact, it’s extremely rare in the tuner scene, but Suneil “Sunny” Suravarapu set out to create a unique ride unlike any other and he’s succeeded. AMSOIL has featured his 2004 Honda Accord Coupe V6 6 speed in several ads, and the car has been featured in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine–a true testament to the fact that Sunny is no amateur when it comes to his rides. Knowing what it takes to turn heads is the key to success in this market segment, and Sunny has discovered his niche.

Sunny’s passion for the tuner industry began in 1999 when he set out to modify 2 different generations of Honda Preludes. Starting out modestly, he began by modifying the wheels, intake, exhaust and body kit. When he sold those he decided his next project would be the Honda Accord, which would be a daily driver with the same type of mods. After netting his first sponsorship, he continued to work towards achieving his vision with performance, handling, interior and exterior modifications.

In 2006 he was invited to the SEMA Show to be the booth display vehicle for Depo Headlights, and soon after was given a full sponsorship on two GT-25 turbos from Garrett. That was the moment that turned an already impressive Honda Accord into a legend. Being the first known owner of a twin-turbo’d Accord, Sunny continued to tweak and modify every aspect of the car until it became the star it is today. There’s nothing on this car that isn’t custom, and in typical enthusiast fashion Sunny has no plans to stop changing and tweaking the details. He uses AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-30 and Octane Boost to keep the engine capable of handling all the power the turbos provide, and AMSOIL P.i. to maintain a clean and efficient fuel system.

Named ‘KWKEMRT’, a reference to the Simpsons and homage to his Indian roots, this Accord is indeed unlike any other. In the tuner world, standing out is paramount and this ride lacks nothing in that regard. You can catch Sunny and his Accord at most major car shows in Southern California, including Hot Import Nights and Spo-Com, turning heads and getting people talking.”


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