SEMA Live Experience 2009

Congratulations to Archie Concon’s Mirage for being selected, filmed and interviewed (twice) for the SEMA Live Experience 2009.

Thanks to our sponsor and possible 2010 title sponsor WP Pro and their $3,000.00 investment.

This was another great opportunity and benefit provided by Hybrid management.

It is up on or

In day 4 of the interview, Archie was able to talk more about our 2010 special project w/ WP Pro, Team Hybrid, Hybrid Hunnyz and our sponsors.

Presented by: and

Objective: To deliver the most talked about and anticipated, automotive trade show in the world, directly to a captive, vast, and interactive audience through multiple online portals/channels.

Concept: Every November, the automotive industry descends on Las Vegas, NV to participate in our industries biggest trade show, SEMA! Each year exhibitors come to the SEMA Show to showcase their newest and hottest products.

Which are only over shadowed by some of the markets hottest promo vehicles. Up until now, the only way the public could experience the SEMA Show was through photographs in magazines, on websites and youtube videos.

Thanks to technology we can take this experience to a whole other level. With the use of an emerging, and cost effective technology we will deliver the SEMA Show live, and in real time high definition format to the world wide web. Over the four days of SEMA.

Our production crew will capture the hottest products, models, cars, personalities, and events both on and off the show floor and broadcast it all LIVE, WIRELESSLY, REALTIME and ON LOCATION! The platform we are utilizing is embeddable on any site. With, the reach of social networking sites, like Facebook & MYspace. The potential traffic that could be yielded through a program like this could reach into the hundreds of thousands.

In addition to the live HD video feed. Will be a live chat function, where viewers will be able to provide real time feedback, and interact with other viewers. As they experience everything we bring them from the SEMA Show.

Integration and Project Management: Integration of the project will be co-ordinated through the Yoparts team, This includes –

• Live Production
• Live Stream Hardware
• Network integration and management
• Broadcasting
• Live Social Networking Tool Integration for Broadcast

Promotional Strategy: To ensure that we can capture a large audience, marketing and promotion of this program will be vital. With partners like, Cardomain and Formula D. Creating awareness and generating interest in the SEMA Show live experience should be fairly turn key. Outside of the program partners homepages. The SEMA Show live experience will be promoted through the most highly trafficked social networking portals, as well as the hottest blogs in the automotive market space.

Deliverables to Sponsor:

• All sponsors will carry the designation of “Presenting Sponsor”
• Brand and logo positioning on Livestream player
• Pre production sponsor content integrated into live broadcast
• Sponsor product placement scheduled into live broadcast
• Sponsor product spotlights
• Live Interviews with sponsor’s athletes/personalities
• Coverage of Sponsor’s SEMA booth
• Coverage of Sponsor’s SEMA party
• Links to share the live stream on your social networking pages

Hybrid luv,

James Lin

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