Team Hybrid – Import Showoff’s Nisei Week 08/15/09 Show Flyer


I’m proud to announce our strong relationship with Ken Miyoshi, Founder/Owner of Mainstream’s Import Showoff that our Team Hybrid logo and’s Lana Lopez is the only Team and Import Model chosen for Import Showoff latest update on their flyer. This flyer has not even been released to the public nor gone to print, but Ken has allowed me to bring it to all of you first.

This maybe Import Showoff’s last show. It is so fitting that the original of import shows chose one of the finest and O.G. import team to be on their possible last flyer. Our almost 15 years of fine competition and respect earned within our import industry is still stronger than ever. Much luv to the Hybrid family from all our chapters for holding it down and esp. to the import show originator, Ken Miyoshi.

2 years in a row we have been chosen to be on Import Showoff’s Nisei Flyer. Last year we took home Best Team Represent and throughout the years, we have won numerous Best Team Overall and Represent Titles, but this possible last year, lets show Ken and Import Showoff staff/fans how much we appreciate their support over the past 10+ years.


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