Jul. ’08 Featured Article – Jason MacGill’s Evo MR VIII

Congratulations to Jason MacGill’s Mitsubishi EVO MR VIII for a main feature on

AIC: Final thanks and shout outs?
Jason: – James Lin and the Team Hybrid Family
– Eiji Mihara, Steve Enomoto, Tomo Hayashi and Riki Endo @ Tomei Powered USA
– Hybrid Hunnyz

AIC: How long have you owned the car?
Jason: 2 years.

AIC: How much money have you invested on your ride?
Jason: I don’t keep track.

AIC: Name one particular mod in your vehicle that stands out to you?
Jason: Tomei’s ExPreme line are some of the best engineered parts I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, installing and driving on. So much care goes into these parts to make significant power gains at every aspect of the power band. Their engineers are relentless with their innovation, inspiration and dedication to their craft, their company and each other.

AIC: What’s is next for the car? Future mods?
Jason: Looking at my car is like looking at a Starbucks. A few years back it was rare. Online, we had dedicated threads to post “IF you spot a fellow owner” and that was a big deal. Now, every 16 year old who got a B- on their math quiz is getting one. This is a car that I purchased from a fellow tuner then re-structured. I didn’t have the luxury of assisted funds or someone to tell me what to do next. Having a production car that is unique from the car next to it means something to me. It’s what makes me different from every other EVO on the road. So at this point, the answer to “what’s next” is a full tear down, and rebuild. Everything has to go to make way for the next incarnation.

AIC: What was the 1st car you drove?
Jason: 1982 Honda Prelude

AIC: Hottest trend in the scene?
Jason: D. Huang and the ungodly hotness that will shortly be unveiled.

AIC: Worst trend in the scene?
Jason: There are bad ideas out there, sure. And there are things that do and don’t suit my tastes. But I think the worst trend of any project is poor planning. If you’re going to start a project…if you’re going to build a car (or anything) it really is a reflection of who you are and says a lot to your character. In the car scene, people often grab every cool item off the shelf during their build and the result is chaos. Mixed manufacturers are never the way to go as it destroys the continuity of the build.

AIC: Has the car been dyno’d?
Jason: Yes 342WHP on 91 Octane. An estimated 386WHP on 100

AIC: What was the last traffic ticket or violation you incurred? If any?

Jason: No Comment

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