Jul. ’08 Featured Article – Alvin Puertollano’s G35

Congratulations to Alvin Puertollano’s Infiniti G35 for a main feature on

AIC: Final thanks and shout outs?
ALVIN: Shout outs to my fam bam and TEAM HYBRID.. ***Hybriiiid… Hybrid!!** And also a big shout out to Frankie K and Karl K @ AAAutoworks in Van Nuys for taking care of almost everything on my car. Owe it up to you guys!!! To F1audio and AAautosound as well for doing such a great job on my system. To my Girl for supporthing me; and to the rest…

AIC: How long have you owned the car?
ALVIN: Going on for 3 years

AIC: How much money have you invested on your ride?

ALVIN: Not sure but the last mod cost me 3 jobs right now. =)

AIC: Name one particular mod in your vehicle that stands out to you? Special factor or sentimental value?
ALVIN: I think my paint stands out just about from anybody. Well everyone asks me “Why Orange?” ….it’s my favorite color next to blue.

AIC: What’s is next for the car? Future mods?

ALVIN: I will be working on engine bay and finish up my interior.

AIC: What was the last traffic ticket or violation you incurred? If any?

ALVIN: Oh SNAP!!! This issue…are you aware of this “new thing” now in Van Nuys or Reseda? OK… they installed new cameras and you have to FULLY stop before the PEDESTRIAN crossing lane. If you passed that, sensor will kick in and it will cite you for unsafely driving. It sucks it got me twice in one week. So now I gotta remember to stop before any line on that intersection.

AIC: Other than your car… do u have a dream car?

ALVIN: SKYLINE GTR… Lambo Murcielliego or something.. And realistically once I start making that kind of money I’d get me a SL55 AMG Mercedes Roadster. Dang sooo fast!

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