May ’08 Featured Article – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xA

Congratulations to Project Director: James Lin, Founder/President and Project Manager: David Huang, the MVP & Stylist member of Team Hybrid for a main feature on on their 1st place 2006 Scion xA SEMA Team Challenge.

AIC: What inspired the design for the 2006 Scion xA Challenge?
HYBRID: Every heavy-hitter’s vehicle within the history of Team Hybrid has all inspired the design for the 2006 Scion xA Challenge you see today. The exterior color for example, is a resemblance from the team’s top Acura Integra, which belongs to a national guard and a father of two whom past away at a young age because of brain cancer. Gold was also chosen because we wanted to be number one, to win the 1st place gold trophy. The JDM components of the vehicle such as brakes, suspension, wheels and bodykit are all inspired by the members on the team that have always believed in quality over quantity. The custom fiberglass inside out the vehicle such as the wide body and audio enclosures are all inspired by the members on the team that always push over the top to create the ultimate “Hybrid Quality” factor. Nevertheless, Hybrid Formula is a term we use to summarize all inspirations on any successful vehicle built you see past and present from Team Hybrid.

AIC: What particular modification was a challenge to execute?
HYBRID: Since we have really pushed over the edge with this project, every necessary step that we took from the start of rendering to the major modification you see on the car were all big challenges to execute. These major modifications include the wheel’s bolt 4 to 5 lug pattern conversion, custom wide body specifically to fit over the 19×10 all around wheels, full fiberglass audio enclosures, custom turbo, and more.

AIC: Not only did you win the 2006 Scion Challenge but repeated as 2007 Scion Challenge winners this past SEMA? How did that feel to win against tough competition?
HYBRID: Yes, winning such great honor back-to-back is sure a great rush to each member that involved in the project. Team Hybrid is not only very proud of this achievement, but is also grateful to every member and sponsor that helped along the way of this built. We also would like to thank our competitions to bring their A-game on the table; without them, we wouldn’t have become the only diamond that outshines all the stones.

AIC: What’s next for Team Hybrid?
HYBRID: Continue to co-brand itself w/ BFGoodrich and we always have something up our sleeve so you will have to see a sample of our next innovation with your own eyes at the 2008 SEMA Show later this year, as our tradition continues to make history! Lastly, even after 13 years, Team Hybrid is still purely a car club and will continue to be the finest, oldest, most innovative and well-balanced import car club in the country.

AIC: Final thoughts & shout outs you would like to make?
HYBRID: Project Director, James Lin, the Founder & President of Team Hybrid; Project Manager, David Huang, the MVP & Stylist member of Team Hybrid; Daniel Lim, the designer whom rendered the artworks of both projects; Scion & Beyond Marketing, Everyone that was involved and supported both projects esp. members of Team Hybrid (, and our following sponsors: BFGoodrich, AutoMeter,, SoundStream, Status Racing, Endless, Zeal, AME, JIC Magic, Air Walker, NR-G Innovations, Optima Battery, Meguiar’s, DTM Autobody, TWS, Danstoy Fabrication, Creative Audio & Motorsports

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