Turbo Mar. ’08 Featured Article – Kirby Wang’s SC300

Congratulations to Kirby Wang’s Lexus SC300 in a 7 page full feature in Turbo Magazine’s March 2008 issue, pgs 52-58. Kirby is the first SoCal member to be featured in a magazine and also, our team’s second full feature article of the New Year.

Like I said in our members’ section of the forums, the onslaught of magazines in 2008 is coming. Furthermore, in my post on 12-19-2007, 11:19 PM, on the section called “Team Hybrid Media Coverage 2008” in a thread called “Team Hybrid – Import Tuner February 2008,” I said, “…Believe me, 2008 is going to be another outstanding year of Hybrid cars in all the major magazines. Soon, you will see us in Turbo, PAS, Modified, Import Tuner, Super Street, Autoworld and etc. What team out there has a stable of different import cars that will be magazine worthy year after year for the last 12 years. To drill my point ever further, not just make one major brand of a magazine but almost all of them as a feature or Cover!”